Core Values

The Staffing Industry is a business that demands utmost professionalism, trust and reliable service, not only with regard to our clients and job seekers, but also among peers. We are confident that we will continue to flourish and evolve by providing ever-expanding opportunities for the development of all employees, all of our staff have always uphold these values and will do so in future:

1. Customer Satisfaction:

We consistently strive to meet or exceed our customer's expectations. For Acadia customers does not just include clients but also contract employees, and fellow Acadia staff. We ensure all are in a happy and comfortable space.

2. Professionalism:

Our anticipation from our staff is honesty, strong work ethics; desire to be the best; and commitment to high level of quality, responsiveness and resourcefulness. Reliability is our authentication. Our attitudes and our actions will be to get it done correctly the first time itself.

3. Ethical Practices:

We regularly conduct ourselves and the Company's business legally, morally and ethically. Open Communication: We encourage open communications throughout all levels of our organization.

4. Continuous Improvement:

We Believe in change is good. Acadia is committed to constant improvement and the change that comes from the pursuit of total quality.

5. Corrective Action:

At all levels of the organization we engage all the employees in discussing our weaknesses, learn from them, and take the appropriate action to correct them quickly, and revise our policy to script the solution.

6. Employee Recognition And Development:

We contend to establish a work environment that rewards successful performance accomplished within our Core Values. We have proved that our employees can pursue a successful career path and have opportunities to grow and succeed in parallel with the company's growth and success.

7. Diversity:

We embrace diversity in our organization and will make sure that our employees work in an environment that treats everyone fairly and rewards employees based strictly on their performance without regard to their origin, race, religion or sexual orientation.