Health Care

Modernizing Care Processes with Cutting-edge Digital Technologies

Digital revolution in Healthcare domain has become crucial in contributing towards affordable healthcare solutions, improving patient care, lowering complexity, improving efficiency, and empowering decision makers with litigable insight at the point of care. However, deploying technologies to shorten the gap between healthcare stakeholders to build a connected health ecosystem cannot be executed without careful planning and consideration. Any and every digital platform should be able to iron out key challenges such as adaptability and flexibility for devices of different size and operating systems, interoperability, efficiency and data security.

We believe that the selection of vigorous strategic partners and smarter execution of the applications are key to create an effective technology solution. To build a futuristic application, Acadia Technologies' industry-leading expertise and enterprise-class technical proficiency are concentrated around delivering solutions for entire medical fraternity. Our healthcare development services combine a specialty in the following areas:

  • Hospital management systems
  • Clinical operation applications
  • Healthcare platforms
  • Cloud application development
  • BI and/or analytics based solutions
  • Digital patient solution and consumer health applications

Our vision is to establish solutions for healthcare partners which will:

  • Transfer patient records to an assured point of care that permits care providers to increase the speed of decision making, improve treatment quality, and streamline clinical operations.
  • Anytime, anywhere provide access to patient health records with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and be flexible to exchange.
  • Address complications around affordability, obstructions, and patient centricity for consumers.
  • Assist peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.
  • Enable secluded patient monitoring and consultation, clinical decision assistance and analytics options.
  • Provide the intelligence to set access restrictions and security policies for all applications, to evenly execute and enforce policies and reduce vulnerabilities.