Employee Referral Program: Acadia Technologies molds It as a Strong Recruiting Tool....

The process of an existing employee referring another potential candidate was formerly considered as rather risky tradition - an invitation to partiality and favoritism. However, in realism, having a substantial employee referral program could become one of the reliable tools for recruiting industry.

To interest the best and brightest, we ensure that our existing workforce is convinced that Acadia is great company to work for. Consequently they will represent our company as professional as possible. When the time comes to choose a jobseeker or many candidates who meet us referred by our employees we keep aside our staff's seniority or wisdom and look instead for candidates who are perfectly suitable for the requirement.

When an employee refers an individual and the referred joins and completes first 100 hours on Acadia's payroll, our staff is eligible to receive a Referral Bonus which would be declared at the beginning of the program. We have been successful in running the Candidate Referral and Client Referral Programs. It’s our confidence that these programs will inspire more referrals and display Acadia's appreciation to our friends for referring their friends!

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