Exactly like a saying in Army, "Mission First, People Always." Acadia is a company that not only looks for the ‘bottom-line’ but also for its people.

SAM, Employee

At our company, the founders have rightly internalized the goals and targets that are laid out for their employees. We feel appreciated and are recognized for our dedication and hard work. There is surely a rare energy endowed from the top that flows down and is contagious, a synergy that crosses the company laterally.”

NAVEEN, Employee

I preferred Acadia Technologies based on two things. "The people and the work". I consider that our company is smooth in terms of management layers. To me this signifies that each one of us in the organization is an integral part of the whole, therefore a team.”

RAGHU, Employee

Acadia Technologies is executing all our IT staffing needs since two years. The partnership has been phenomenal. They don't just fulfill our staffing requirements but also provide us with candidates that have helped our company grow and achieve set goals. We are looking forward to evolve and strengthen our association further.

MINESH, Client